Bitec Enterprise


BITEC ENTERPRISE Ltd., a leading company in the field of construction materials and engineering, provides installation services to international standards for buildings, factories, and various facilities requiring high-quality materials. We manufacture and import products that are strong, durable, and possess qualities such as corrosion resistance and long lifespan. Our range includes aluminum composite materials, aluminum ceilings, sun shading panels for both exterior and interior building decoration, fire-resistant steel structure materials, fire-resistant duct materials, floor coating systems, and waterproofing materials.
We are committed to continuous development to deliver the best products that meet the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction. We prioritize adherence to project deadlines and offer installation services and consultation from specialized experts. Our commitment to quality is certified by ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Architectural & Engineering Product EFFICIENCY

With the aim of being at the forefront of Architectural & Engineering Product efficiency while also contributing to the better quality of life throughout the wider community, we at Bitec Enterprise Ltd. strive for outstanding achievement in every project with the commitment:

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective

Quality guaranteed

We set forth high quality architectural and engineering standards

We work hard to complete customer’s projects on time and within budget


Pay attention to every production process Safe and has no impact on the environment.


Quality assurance from a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience

With extensive work experience since the year 2539 B.E. (1996), we have instilled confidence in a large number of customers. Our team is a collective of professionals with expertise in both engineering and architecture. Regardless of the field, our teams are dedicated to providing comprehensive consultation and ensuring the successful completion of your construction projects.

We at Bitec Enterprise and our team are dedicated to developing and crafting high-quality materials. We are ISO certified to support modern construction, emphasizing both durability and attention to aesthetic details for buildings with a distinctive identity. We offer a diverse range of materials to meet the varied needs of each construction project, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

Undoubtedly, our primary goal is to provide the best service to all customers, ensuring quality and post-installation support. We guarantee quality and offer post-installation services while acting as consultants in every step of the process, ensuring the highest level of peace of mind. Therefore, customer satisfaction is crucial to us, and we are dedicated to delivering impeccable results for every project undertaken by those who choose to use our services.

Dedicated to excellence in leading construction materials, earning the trust of everyone

The company chooses to employ a high-quality team of specialists with specific skills to collaborate and ensure results that meet expectations. From the beginning to completion, there is meticulous inspection of various systems for a smooth operation within the client’s project, ensuring successful outcomes in every detail.

We remain committed to being a leader in innovative construction materials, continuously solving challenges for various projects in the future. Our dedication is to provide the best service, maintaining the confidence of customers who trust and choose our services.