Solvent-Based Intumescent

Fire-Resistance Mastic Coating



will begin to react to the rising temperature, when It reaches 200°C. and gradually forms a cake-liked char layer approximately hundred fold of initial volume. The char layer can insulate conduction of heat so as to slow down the time that steel to reach limited temperature (550°C.) thus achieves the purpose of protecting steel structure.



has been tested both at Warrington Fire Research Centre (WFRC) and Loss Prevention Centre (LPC) in the United Kingdom and been qualified meet standard of British Standard (BS476 Part 21), American Standard (ASTM E119) and Taiwan Standard for 1-3 hrs. fire rating on loaded beam and Loaded column. The quality of our products also meet ISO 9001 standard.




Coating system of FIRECUT FM-900 comprises of primer, fireproofing intermediate coating and decorative topcoat.

1. Suitable primer:

+ Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

+ Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

+ Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer + Epoxy M.L.O. Primer

+ Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer + Epoxy M.1.O. Primer

+ Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer + Epoxy M.1.O. Promer

2. Suitable topcoat:

+ Epoxy Topcoat

+ N-type PU-coating

+ CR finish




1. Smooth and pleasant appearance

Excellent level surface after application in complete coating system, and compat ible with various colors of topcoat. It serves the function of fire resistance and decoration as well.

2. Contains no asbestos

Comprises no asbestos and other fibers tested and proven by Union Chemical Laboratory of Industrial Technology Research Institute.

3. Suitable to spray-on and easy to apply

Non-sagging film can reach 1,000 1-1m; fast to dry and shorter recoating interval.

4. Excellent performance in fire resistance

Example for dry film at 0.34 mm can meet the artlcle of 1-hour fire resistance rating on beam (HPIA up to 90m-), proven by Warrington Fire Research Centre In accordance with 85476 : Part21 : 1987

5. Sufficient material supply, consistent quality, excellent after-sales service

Yung Chi Paint is the largest paint manufacturer in Taiwan; owns the multi operational funtions in R&D, manufacturing and aftersales services; certified with TUV CERT Certification Body of TUV Anlagentechnik GmbH and Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine, Ministry of Economic Affairs ROC.