Fire Protection For Steel Structures

Medium Density – Exposed Interior

FIRECUT F-1 Fire Protection For Steel Structures

FIRECUT F-1(Medium Density) The cementitious fire protection coatings of FIRECUT F-1 is designed for steel structures so as to have excellent adhesion to steel substrates for exposed interior usage. FIRECUT F-1 is formulated with materials such as cement, vermiculite, fiber (asbestos free) and some other inorganic materials, where it shows the toughness and strength of concrete as well as the flexibility of the crosslinked network of fiber. The physical properties is significantly better than equivalent products in the market.

When it was burned in the fire, no smoke was produced. After burning of 3 hours, the burned coating kept as strong as it was before the burning and therefore, it will not be destroyed by the occurred wind-storm in the accidents.

No Corrosive

Due to the components of FIRECUT F-1 can prohibit the oxidation of iron. It is not corrosive to the steel substrate.


No Asbestos &
Smoked Development

From the test by Union Chemical Lab of Industrial Technology Research Institute, it shows that FIRECUT F-1 does not contain any asbestos.

FIRECUT F-1 has passed the test in addordant ASTM E84 (Fire Hazard) standard, the smoked developed is zero.

High Performance

As it is applied and dried on the steel, FIRECUT F-1 is tough and light. The impact resistance, compressive strength and bending durability are significantly higher than equivalent products. The coefficient of heat-transfer is very low; due to that of vermiculite.

Easy Installation

FIRECUT F-1 can be sprayed by mixing with water. It has an advantage that the good workability is accompanied by anti-sagging property, i.e., one case can reach more than 25mm. without sagging. FIRECUT F-1 has an excellent adhesion ability to steel substrates, thus it can be sprayed on the steel substrate without pre-coat or adhesion promoters.

Excellent Fire Protecting Ability

FIRECUT F-1 shows an excellent fire-protecting ability. As shown in the picture, after being burned for 5 hours, the deflection the restrained beam coated by FIRECUT F-1 with the thickness of 3 hours fire rating was well within the allowable range.

Best Quality

FIRECUT F-1 shows excellent physical properties. It has been tested by the public testing institute according to standard, and the results are better than those of the equivalent products.


Standard Fire Test

FIRECUT F-1 shows excellent rating compared to the equivalent products, classified to U.S. by the Underwriters Labora tories Inc.(UL) according to the standard of ASTM E119 (UL263) and NFPA251

UL Certificate

The production and sampling was supervised under the representatives from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The Fire protecting ability of those materials have been classified by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and as indicated on the UL Fire-Resistance Directory



Automatic Production

FIRECUT F-1 is mass produced by totally automatic machines, so that its quality is uniform and stable and can be reliably supplied to customers. The factory is also certified by ISO 9001.

FIRECUT F-1 was made in accordant to ASTM standard for the performance characteristics lised below critical to the long-term liability of your fireproofing.


– Specification for Medium Density Fireproofing Product – Exposted Interior –